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Readying for Long Term Work from home and hybrid

Understanding what others are doing with hybrid work and work from home is more important now than ever before. For many, large populations of contact center employees and support staff will now be in office only a few days a month, or (for many organizations) will remain fully home-based. It was one thing to piece together the operating game plan during the health emergency, but now we need to think about long term strategy, and the road to getting there.

This is the time to do a review and refresh of 100% of your workflows, guidelines, policies and support structures and ask yourself these questions (for each workflow):

  1. What is the best long game we want to put into place to effectively support our remote/hybrid employees with this function or process?
  2. Stepping back from that, what short game (or mid game) updates should we put into place now to most effectively support remote/hybrid employees with this function or process?
  3. What technology investments do we need to make to bring our employees together as close as we possibly can, so that they can share knowledge and experiences, collaborate, socialize? What do we need to get into the next annual budget as a placeholder and by when?

To get started, take a look at the 2022 Work From Home Benchmarking Survey included in Contact Center Pipeline this month. It will give you some high-level perspective on what other companies are experiencing and planning in terms of hybrid and work from home.